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By Alfred Evans on April 7, 2016

A father of two. My job has me travel the world with my family.

Pavarotti had a wonderful voice and he used it perfectly. His talent was 90% gifted and 10% effort. It didn't take him a lot of time and efforts to get to where he was at his peak. However, obviously he lacked the knowledge and deep musical training that his peers had at the time. Therefore, he often wasn't able to interpret the songs he sang and he acknowledged so. For example, Pavarotti completely ruined Mozart's Un aura amorosa in the video down low. Pavarotti was too cold and lacking in emotion and empathy in whatever he sang, but that doesn't prevent him from being the greatest tenor in history because his skills, voice and range were simply too good.


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Luciano Pavarotti Reviewed by Alfred Evans on . Score: 95